• Resin Flooring

  • Why Choose Resin Flooring?

    Resin flooring, is a flooring surface that is made up of multiple layers of epoxy that is applied to the floor to a depth of at least two millimetres. The difference between an epoxy floor and an epoxy floor coating lies in the depth of the epoxy. As stated, an epoxy floor must be at least two millimetres thick. Any epoxy floor that is less than two millimetres thick is best referred to as an epoxy floor coating.

    Epoxy is made up of two main components –a resin is mixed with a hardener, creating a chemical reaction that forms a rigid plastic material that is strong, resistant to wear and bonds extremely well to most any surface. Epoxy flooring is made up of multiple layers of epoxy resin applied to the concrete substrate floor at different depths, with different results. The benefits of the coating are immediate: The concrete is protected from everyday wear and tear, becomes slip and chemical-resistant, and its overall appearance is improved, in addition to the floor becoming easier to clean and maintain.

    What sets us apart from all the others is our professionalism, determination and willingness to address all the customer's needs. Prior to any work, we take time to thoroughly analyse client's requirements so that even the most difficult challenges are met. Our main goal is to improve both commercial and domestic indoor flooring so that they are safe and reliable.

    One of the problems that most owners of the commercial indoor flooring face is safety of their premises. Namely, quite a lot of commercial flooring can be slippery and sensitive, due to certain surface treatments, flooring materials and quite often than not employees would spill liquid on it. Not only is this endangering lives of the employees, but it is interfering with their productivity as well. If you are experiencing these problems, our highly experienced staff will be more than happy to provide you with the best indoor commercial flooring services available in UK.